Two Black Teens Beat And Taunt Elderly White Man On Chicago Train, Recorded it ” Because It Was Funny”


There has been no justice and little peace for a senior citizen who was assaulted on a CTA Blue Line train in Chicago. Two young black men are seen in a video posted to Facebook assaulting an older white gentleman. They repeatedly punched and kicked him for over two minutes while taking time to turn and grin at the camera. Local news station WBBM was able to get in contact with the young videographer. He says that although he didn’t take part in the abuse himself, he was part of the group that mistreated the older man. When asked about the incident he said, “We didn’t do nothing. We got on the train and he was saying some racial slurs,” The young man, who calls himself “A-T-L.” went on to say, “I don’t know why they did what they did,” he tells WBBM. “I just recorded it because it was funny.”
The Chicago transit authority is not laughing. They issued a statement that reads:
“Though this crime apparently was not reported, because neither CTA nor Chicago Police have a report of the incident, we are pulling additional video to share with police as part of a now-open investigation. We encourage members of the public who witness a crime to report it immediately, especially if they have evidence such as a video. Incidents like this are rare on the CTA.”

Police were notified about the video, and are trying to determine when the attack occurred and who the victim was. The CTA is pulling additional surveillance footage to assist with the investigation and is asking any riders who witnessed the attack to come forward with information.