Twelve States Sue EPA to Stop Crippling Tyrannical “Environmental” Overreach


Twelve states are saying “not so fast” to the EPA and have joined together in a lawsuit to stem the implementation of new crippling carbon dioxide emission regulations from existing power plants.

The suit, led by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, seeks relief from a 2011 EPA settlement which granted a premise upon which the agency has since based carbon dioxide emission regulations.

AG Pruitt released a statement in which he said, “Our system doesn’t allow federal agencies to ‘improve’ or ‘fix’ laws to advance an agenda, but that is what happened here: the EPA made a promise in 2011 to expand its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.”

Pruitt continued, “Fortunately, the law doesn’t allow the agency to do what it wants. This lawsuit is about holding the EPA accountable to following the environmental statutes as passed by Congress. Oklahoma will continue to challenge the EPA – or any other federal agency – when it takes actions that undermine our system and the rule of law.”

The EPA issued demands in June for a thirty percent reduction in carbon dioxide emission from power plants by 2030. That takes one third of our power out of production, a loss that the EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy unbelievably stated in her announcement would add a cost “equal to one gallon of milk” to consumers’ energy bills.

A coalition of businesses, unions, utilities and others have taken action to stop the economy-wrecking regulations. The “Partnership for a Better Energy Future wrote a letter to the EPA in which they stated, “EPA has to date failed to answer such questions, and provided little to no information regarding what authority it is relying upon to institute such an expansive regime, and how it intends to proceed if it does not approve of individual state implementation plans.” Adding, “This is critical information that EPA should disclose in the interest of maximizing transparency and continued cooperation with states and stakeholders.”

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) challenged the EPA’s regulation on the grounds that it has exceeded its authority. He stated that they were charged with prescribing air quality levels, not the types of fuels which are used to reach such levels.

He said, “What I’m trying to get to here: this rule would be a broad expansion of the authority the EPA has over states—that has broad political impacts and could dramatically reshape the entire sector of the economy.”

There is a difference between air quality and air composition. Co2 has not been shown to be a pollutant as it is regularly mislabeled, any more than oxygen has been shown to be. Both are critical for life to exist on Earth.

The whole global warming, UN Agenda 21, world government’s “scientific” basis for this fraud is falling apart. We thankfully have a globe which refuses to cooperate with the environmental Nazis’ timetable and claims.

It is widely known that this is fear mongering nonsense designed to achieve a political and financial benefit for a group of elites. It’s an unpleasant visual that is increasingly becoming recognized. EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, the environmental emperor, has no clothes.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit