Too Much Lawlessness For Eric Holder? DOJ Argues Against “Right to Attorney” For Illegals


Apparently there is a limit to just how much lawlessness is a good thing in the eyes of our Attorney General. Maybe he wants to be “the decider” and doesn’t want to tie his own hands too much.

Holder’s DOJ has been one of those leading the charge against Americans, our livelihoods and our national sovereignty in support of the mass importation of illegal aliens. He and Jeh Johnson of DHS have been quite effective at using the resources of the federal government to dismantle our republic.

Given DOJ’s track record, it’s difficult to understand their strange position taken in a Wednesday hearing. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Leon Fresco argued before U.S. District Judge Thomas Zilly in Seattle that “a preliminary injunction which says that there is a constitutional right to counsel would mean — without an appropriation from Congress, which I believe is unlikely — that you could not remove any child under the age of 18 years old from the United States.” He recognized that the situation created would be a border which “is completely open for children under 18.”

Isn’t that what the goal of open border socialist Democrats? Equally surprising, Fresco also recognized that such a guarantee would attract even more violators.

Fresco said, “The government cannot stop the removal proceedings of every immigrant youth in the United States. That would create a magnet effect that the United States is not prepared to handle… That is free education for all those children being funded by localities and the states. That is whatever medical claims those children need plus an insecure border, because you have now sent the message internationally that no one here is going to be removed.”

Has a common sense, pro-American patriot somehow covertly found their way into the DOJ?

The Department of Justice just reached an agreement last week with the ACLU for an illegal alien “bill of Miranda rights” of sorts, to be read to illegals prior to any agreement to self-deport. The trend, particularly under the Obama tenure, has been markedly towards less enforcement and more federal support for illegal immigration. Could it be that the feds have finally seen the error of their ways or is it just that they want don’t want to be encumbered by legal restrictions?

The hearing was in response to a lawsuit filed by a coalition made up of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and other pro-amnesty groups against the federal government to stop the deportation of illegal aliens until they received taxpayer-funded lawyers.

Only in America could we be sued to provide lawyers to those who, if they hadn’t violated our laws, would have no need for the lawyers, and have it construed as some kind of right. The world is still spinning, but it’s upside down.

A video regarding the recent decision to advise illegals of their “rights” prior to self-deportation is below.

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