Tin-Pot Dictators Threaten U.S. – Pass Amnesty or We Will Drown You In Illegals


The Honduran Presidente’ calls them “migrant rights;” an interesting and totally erroneous term and concept. The fact that he is the leader of a rat-hole country full of corrupt people is his problem. His people may have rights in their own country. That does not equate to some imaginary, inherent right to take over mine.

Reuters reports that not only are the largely corrupt Central American leaders holding out their palm for American dollars, they holding a loaded pistol to the head of the American people with the other. They threaten us with the plague of their population of human locusts which they claim will devour us. That can only happen if our government continues to go along with it.

A key player in the wholesale money transfer from the American treasury to the coffers of corruption in Central America is Joe Biden. He just promised hundreds of millions of dollars in extortion money in June, but they want more. They want an open door through which to invade our country too.

How convenient. That’s what Biden and Obama want too. Certainly they’ll be able to work something out.

Reuters reports that two historically pro-amnesty lawmakers, Senator Robert Menendez and Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez acknowledge that a Wednesday meeting between the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and diplomats from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico was “testy.”

What is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus doing meeting with these dictators? Talking about how great it will be when they return America to its rightful ownership? Was there some disagreement with the split? There’s plenty to go around, boys. Nevada is all federal land, who wants it? Utah has great skiing.

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, who attended the Biden shakedown on Friday, said, “I proposed to the Vice President the possibility of considering temporary work programs, which would allow (Guatemalans) to go for a time and return.”

Go for a time means as long as they want, and return is whenever and if they choose. One sticking point would be that they need to be able to vote, or it will never get the support of Obama-Biden.

In a very thinly-veiled threat, the representative of Honduran President Hernandez, Jorge Ramon Hernandez, said, “As long as (U.S.) immigration reform is not approved, the exodus of children to the United States will continue.”

He speaks with such certainty and authority; you would almost think his government is helping to orchestrate the invasion on behalf of the White House.

El Salvador’s President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said his mission is to reunite family members. Of course, that reunification won’t take place in their own malodorous country, but in the land they are squatting in, the land where they are assuming their new “rights.”

He intends to continue to work for the “rights” of the “affected children,” saying, “Each and every one of our countries has an obligation to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents.”

Mr. Sanchez is quite mistaken. The United States has no obligation to the squatters. Our obligation is to our own citizens to secure our nation, to find the invaders and to escort them to the door. They should consider themselves lucky that they aren’t prosecuted for identity theft and document fraud.

Our weak, feckless and complicit government which represents the interests of others and not the American people has led us to this point. They are using tin-pot dictators, little more than Chihuahuas barking at our ankles, as a tool in the destruction of our nation.

They wink while simultaneously cowering to threats that are only made possible by virtue of our weakness and the hidden agenda of those in power.

When Chihuahua’s bite our ankles, they should be finding themselves airborne, getting an end over end view of the world. America is a super-power. It’s time we start acting like one and get serious about defending our homeland.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us