Theif Logs in to Facebook While Robbing a Home- Forgets to Log Out [Video]

Stupid Robber Does Not Get Any Better Then This

stupid robber
Could anyone really be as dumb as this robber? Does Wig make the guinness book of world dumbness? He pulled up his facebook account on the homeowners computer.

A dumb burglar broke into a house and signed onto Facebook as he was robbing a house. The man left the home without logging off of their computer.

Nicholas Wig, 26, left part of his own belongings in the home in South St. Paul, Minn., in June, according to Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO.

“World’s dumbest criminal,” James Wood the home owner said.

Wig ransacked the home and stole a watch, cash and credit cards. He left his own tennis shoes, jeans and a belt. The clothing was wet. Wood stated that it had been raining out, and he began to panic when he saw his house was ransacked. ”But then I noticed he had pulled up his Facebook profile,” Wood said.

Wood shared his phone number and posted on Wig’s page. In an even dumber move, Wig texted Wood later that day. ”I replied you left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you,” Wood said.

And they agreed to meet that night. Wood was heading back to his house from a friend’s house and saw Wig. Wood immediately called police. If Wig, who was wearing Wood’s watch when arrested, is convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

A Dakota county attorney said that he’s never seen this before. ”It’s a pretty unusual case,” James Backstrom said, “might even make the late night television shows in terms of not being too bright.”