Texas Dept Public Safety Warning of ISIS Terrorists Attempting to Cross Mexican Border


A Texas Department of Public Safety document has surfaced which warns that ISIS is actively promoting and encouraging their supporters to take advantage of the wide-open southern border in their efforts to conduct terror attacks upon Americans on American soil.

The border between Texas and Mexico is addressed as a particularly exploitable location for the terrorists to focus on. A copy of the document was obtained and made public by Brietbart Texas.

A recent video produced by James O’Keefe in which he is seen crossing the Rio Grande in an Osama bin Laden costume is featured in the document alerts. Although O’Keefe is not mentioned by name, it is clearly the same video in which he dramatically exposed the vulnerability and the ease with which our border is being exploited.

Earlier in the day, another, separate alert was issued by the U.S. Border Patrol regarding what they described as “credible information,” that ISIS is seeking out individuals and groups to usher them across into the United States. That report was highlighted in a report and an announcement issued by Judicial Watch in the interest of public safety.

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