Tattoo Artist Applies Sticker Tattoos Weekly Just to Make Her Smile


Jason Ward has become an internet sensation simply for doing what he felt was right and making someone smile.

Ward is a tattoo artist based in Muscle & Ink in Hamilton, New Zealand. He says it all started when this lady walked into his studio one day and asked him to apply her sticker tattoos. Ward did so, gloves, chair and all, just as if she were receiving permanent ink. Since that day, she has come in every Friday to have her sticker tattoos applied.

Ward says he didn’t even know the photo had been posted as she had had it taken one day while he applied her tattoos. He says other clients happily break if she happens to come in while he is working on someone else so she doesn’t have to wait.

“I take five minutes out of my day to keep her smiling,”

he commented on a Facebook photo. Adding that

“I couldn’t care less what a bunch of keyboard warriors have to say about this. My everyday goal is to make someone smile and have a great day, as I am just an average guy doing average things that make me and my family happy. Thank you to those that have kind words to say about this, that makes me happy. To those who want to post s*** on other people’s happiness, get a life.”