Stand-Off in Cali; Police Department VS. MMA Fighter



@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014

“FEARING FOR MY SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF MY DOG, @GATORHOTDOGDOG. All of this could have been avoided, had the state of California provided”

A scene from the latest comedy coming to theaters near you? Nope, this is real life.

This tweet from retired MMA fighter Jason Miller on Thursday as SWAT teams surrounded his Mission Viejo home in California. The 33 year old entertained his Twitter followers with a play by play of the hours long ordeal of local police attempting to serve an arrest warrant for domestic violence and stalking.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock, the fighter “retreated into the house, was uncooperative with any of the commands by sheriff’s deputies, and based on that, we established a perimeter, called out the SWAT team and now we’re in the process of establishing communication with him inside the house.” Apparentely, all they had to do “establish communication” was…follow him on Twitter.

There they would have seen several dozen tweets posted as the drama played out. Tweets such as:

“i need to tell everyone about the absolute waste of resources going on outside of my house right now. i am counting no less than 5 officers.”

@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014

“they also have allocated use of a chopper, which cost approx. 12 Grand an Hour to operate, along with taking time away from REAL emergencies.”

@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014

“…who continues to remind me that they are here serving a warrant for my arrest. i have not committed any crime, but yet I am forced HERE.”

@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014

“I WISH YOU NO HARM. I respect the Police, but this is overkill, for something that would be settled with one piece of paperwork.”

@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014

All this resulted from Miller failing to attend a court appearance on September 8, which then made him a fugitive. Miller said he had planned to go to court Thursday morning, but, “I woke up late, and couldn’t leave because there is a highly equipment (sic) regiment of wanna be soldiers outside my house reminding me that, WE WON’T GO AWAY!”

Miller was arrested due to incidents with his ex-wife, whom Miller said had a “mental condition,” involving domestic violence and stalking of her and her young son, whom Miller said he “just wanted to help raise…into a young man.”

Not long after 2 p.m., police blew the locks off of Miller’s front door, arresting him without further incident.

Joseph Low, Miller’s attorney, had this to say about the incident: “Jason had been under the care of a doctor for an illness. He has been waiting for me to come back to town so that we could go back to court to continue to prove his innocence. I wish the poice had informed me of their raid. We could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money. There was no reason at all for them to get all dressed up in their SWAT costumes.”

Miller’s last tweet before being arrested reads as follows:

“Now the (sic) broke my window with some box with a phone in it, and AR-15s. THEY ARE TERRIFIED, and they all have guns. Scaring my hotdog.”

@mayhemmiller October 9, 2014