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The St. Louis Police Involved Shooting You Didn’t Hear About

Police Shooting St Louis

A week before Christmas, convicted felon Dominic Lamont Irons of St. Louis was paroled.  He had been in state prison for violating a law prohibiting convicted felons from possessing a firearm.  (Since when does the law matter to felons?)  That would mean that the guy already has a rap sheet – and not a pretty one, either.

Later that night, he and a few cohorts followed a St. Louis City police officer home.  What happened next was put this way by Mark Schlinkmann of the St. Louis Post-Disgrace (which does better at this sort of thing when they stick to the facts.  Imagine that):

According to a court document, Irons and the others in the car followed the officer’s truck for the purpose of shooting him.

As the officer pulled to the curb in the 3800 block of North 25th Street and began to get out of his truck, Irons drove alongside and someone in the car shot at the officer.

Authorities said the officer returned fire and Terrell Beasley, 28, of the 4000 block of Cleveland Avenue, was killed during the shootout.

The court document does not say why the people in the car were following the officer and whether they knew he was an officer. Authorities didn’t say whether Irons fired any shots.

Given the addresses and that this is in the Hyde Park neighborhood in North St. Louis, this writer will take a gander that the officer involved is African-American or black.  Having been with the force for four years, he is still obligated to live in the city itself.*  His race was not mentioned in the Post-Disgrace report.  The police officer spent a week in the hospital with leg injuries including nerve damage.

The end result of this incident is that Mr. Irons is being held in the city on $500,000 cash-only bond for another string of felonies: assault, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon. The circuit attorney’s office said he also was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of the accomplice.

It should be no great shock that the mainstream media passed on this story given that the race card could not be played, but put it in the wider spectrum of cops being shot, shot at, targeted, etc., and the appearance of open season on police is there.

God bless them for their service.

*  City police can move to another municipality after a number of years with the force.  It used to be that they were required to live in the city, but not any longer.  The rules were relaxed a little in recent years when so many of the city cops defected to the county when their kids were ready for school.

BTW, the rumor mill here in St. Louis is that video of the Mobil On The Run shooting of Antonio Martin in Berkeley gives the impression of an ambush to get cops on the scene and the police spoiled it.  


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