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St. Louis-Bosnian Hate Crime Victim Arrested For Making Up The Story

Bosnian woman

We in St. Louis have taken our licks of late, but the story of a Bosnian woman being pulled from her car by three black men and being beaten took the cake.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police – that’s the city itself – called this incident a hate crime…until they found surveillance video:

Investigators say surveillance video from a nearby video store showed she simply got out of the car and laid in the street, making up the incident.

Minor problem.  Yeah, you can’t do that in the United States.  It’s called lying.  After ten days, though, the damage is done and it looks to the world that there are hate crimes being perpetrated against the Bosnian community in South St. Louis.  The only crime in this case, it seems, is the class B misdemeanor of filing a false police report.

The Bosnian community of South St. Louis came to the United States as refugees from the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.  For the most part, they are regular European-type immigrants, although Muslim.  There have been other reports of crimes against members of the community of late.

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