Soldier Meets His Newborn Son For The First Time During Best Homecoming Surprise Ever!


Sgt. First Class Robert Vandenberg surprised his wife and two children during an Anaheim Ducks hockey game Wednesday night. Since the soldier has been in Afghanistan the last ten months, he missed the birth of his newborn son.
In a plan to fool his wife, Robert arranged to have a fake video conference with his wife on the Honda Center scoreboard during the game against the Edmonton Oilers. The announcers even join in, and explain to the crowd that Patricia, the wife, was going to Skype with her husband overseas. The crowd cheered as her husband’s face came across the screen. He pretended he couldn’t hear her because of technical difficulties and cut off the feed. The deeply involved crowd began to groan. That is the moment when Sgt. First Class Robert Vandenberg strolled up from behind to surprise his wife. When she saw him, her hand flew to her mouth. You could feel the love as they hugged and kissed each other. Robert then held his newborn son for the very first time. He kissed the beautiful baby, and tears fell around the world.

This video is so touching, and it really made me think. Our soldiers never get enough thanks for the job they do. The sacrifices they make for our country are truly heroic. God bless our military men and women who fight every day for our freedom.