SHOCKER: Rio Grande Swim Team Not Showing Up For Their Deportation Hearings

Illegals vanish

Hey, where’d they go?

The word “vanished” is in most of the headlines, but here is the gist from NewsMax:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and others said they faced deportation. But it turns out that tens of thousands of those immigrants did not follow the government’s instructions to meet with federal immigration agents within 15 days. Instead, they have vanished into the interior of the U.S.


The Homeland Security Department privately acknowledged that about 70 percent of immigrant families failed to report as ordered. The disclosure came during a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies.


The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday’s meeting and separately interviewed participants.


On the recording, the government did not specify the total number of families released into the U.S. since October. Since only a few hundred families have already been returned to their home countries and limited U.S. detention facilities can house only about 1,200 family members, the 70 percent figure suggests the government released roughly 41,000 members of immigrant families who subsequently failed to appear at federal immigration offices.


The official, who was not identified by name on the recording, also said final deportation had been ordered for at least 860 people traveling as families caught at the border since May but only 14 people had reported as ordered.

So, not only are roughly 40,000 of those illegal women, children and Lord only knows who else wandering around inside the United States, the government has no idea where they are and the administration’s meetings where that is discussed are behind closed doors.  Oh, that’s reassuring.

Minor rant here: what made the government people think that ANY of the fence jumpers, human groundhogs, and Rio Grande survival floaters were going to show up to be sent back home in the first place?  They braved death trains, drug cartels, and scorching hot temperatures for weeks to get here.  At the urging of the Obama Administration if ads for applicants to chaperone these people on the government help wanted website are to be believed.  And the government expects them to show up at their deportation hearings?  Yeah, right.  (Or are they leaking information just to make it look like they are doing something?  Hmmm….)

Now we in the United States have absorbed 40,000 people who may not necessarily come here to make the country a better place to live.  Fabulous.  Fundamental transformation and all that.


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