Sheriffs Make Boy’s Dream Come True

alex Have you ever seen a Facebook offer that you just had to try to get? Well, one little boy saw a post on Facebook that he just couldn’t resist. Alex Collins, 9, saw an invitation from the Chester County Sheriff’s Department to learn how to hunt and fish and just had to send a letter in for the chance to go.

Alex hand delivered the letter into the Chester County Sheriff’s Department in Pennsylvania to Sheriff Carolyn Welsh, just before the deadline. In the letter, Alex explained that he had no one to teach him how to hunt and fish because it was just him and his mom and his mom is really sick.

But, there was a problem, the program that Alex had wanted to participate in was in Chester County, South Carolina, not Chester County, Pennsylvania where Alex and his mother live. Alex was devastated when he found out about the mix up. Welsh decided there was something she could do for Alex.

She found out where the letter was supposed to go and realized that she had met Alex Underwood, the man who ran the program in South Carolina, earlier that year at a sheriffs conference. She contacted Underwood and explained the situation.

Underwood decided something could be done for Alex.

“I talked to the sheriff up there and I said if we can work it out let’s get him down here and I’d be glad to take him hunting with me,” Underwood said in a report on Fox & Friends Tuesday.

Both sheriff departments chipped in for Alex to fly to South Carolina on his Christmas break for 2 days, and they paid for his gear to go hunting. Underwood took Alex shopping for all the gear he would need and took him to his secret hunting spot. He made Alex promise not to tell anyone where it was.

When Alex was asked to describe his experience all he could say was “Awesome.”

Alex and Underwood call each other “little A” and “big A”. Underwood taught him how to hold and use a gun safely and even lent him a rifle.

In all this craziness of the police being proclaimed brutal and heartless, it’s nice to hear that two sheriff departments came together to make the dreams of a young boy come true.