See The #TrashOverload The Climate Marchers Left Behind

So, over the weekend, when the rest of us were attending sporting events and trying to keep up with reports of unexpected guests in the White House, the Save the Planet-Love Your Mother Earth-Reduce Reuse Recycle crowd sponsored the “People’s Climate March” in multiple cities.

Given that this group’s emphasis is to be kind to the planet and push sustainable living habits, one would think that they are into bringing their own commuter mugs and water bottles and packing a lunch.  Alas, no.

Check out the polish the Climate Marchers put on the Big Apple.

Climate March trash NYC

And the arctic is more frozen than ever, so why not celebrate with a frozen treat?  Oh, wait, all that sea ice is supposed to be melting.

Climate March trash arctic

When done with signs used to protest, do the marchers follow their own mantras and recycle?   This is what they did in London:

Climate march London

And the citizen reporter picture that started the story:

Climate march trash overload

These trashy people want us to follow their lead when it comes to environmental matters and they don’t even manage to get their trash all the way into the barrels, leave recyclable bottles for regular garbage collection and order all sorts of take out in plastic and styrofoam  containers that we have heard for years are bad for the environment.  If any TEA Party or conservative rally left behind this kind of mess, there would be no end to the stories coming from the main stream media.  This was reported by people on the ground with Twitter apps and picked up on the blogs.  Oh, yeah, that’s a balanced presentation of what these people are all about.

The climate protesters, who assure us that climate change/disruption – global warming, all man made, of course, is actually happening despite record low temperatures, claim the moral high ground when in fact they are no more concerned with saving the planet than they are with how much foam their next latte will have.

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