[Watch] Sarah Palin To Obama/Holder – Defend Our Borders, Everything Is Not About Skin Color


We all know that Obama has assumed powers that aren’t his and acted in illegal manners to the detriment of the United States. To those politicians who point to Obama’s unconstitutional acts and condemn them, she says, “that’s right, what are you going to do about it?”

More harmful than the actions of one man and his minions are the inaction of 535.

She calls for less talk and more action, in the form of the “I” word, impeachment.

While defending America may often be thought of in the context of military defense, the borders are an even more important vulnerability that is being exploited and weakened by the subversive occupying the White House.

She chastises Eric Holder that playing the race card is tired and insincere abuse of his position. Rather than screaming racism at the drop of a hat, she calls on Holder to recognize that illegal immigration takes jobs away from and causes economic hardship irrespective of the color of the American.

The Obama regime needs to stop using their skin as a deflector shield. There are many reasons why rational, patriotic Americans oppose what they are doing. Race is not one of them, their policies and actions are.

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