Rob Lowe SLAMS Sony, Compares Cancellation To Nazi Appeasement


Sony caved in the ultimate wuss move and decided to cancel the release of the movie “The interview”. The Sony announcement comes after major cinema chains like AMC, Cineplex and Cinemark  announced they would not screen the movie. Some find the decision safe and understandable, while others are outraged. Rob Lowe, who is a good friend of Seth Rogan, is just one of the many voices speaking out. In a tweet on Wednesday, Rob Lowe compared Sony’s cancellation decision to the appeasement of Nazi Germany during World War Two.
His first tweet read, ” Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. An utter and complete victory for them. Wow.”
The second read, “Saw @Sethrogen at JFK. Both of us have never seen or heard of anything like this. Hollywood has done Neville Chamberlain proud today.”


I’m sure the liberal backlash will be in full effect for that one, but he is right. Lowe then re-tweeted a message from Newt Gingrich that said, “it wasn’t the hackers who won, it was the terrorists and almost certainly the North Korean dictatorship, this was an act of war.”
Not every theater is giving in to political pressure however. Alama Drafthouse Theater in Texas, has decided to show the movie “Team America: World Police,” in place of ” The Interview”. Team America is an all out assault on Hollywood and dictatorships around the world. It features then North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as the villain.
You gotta love Texas!