Refugees My Ass- These Kids Are Being Used As Human Shields…

image                                                                                                                                 This is not about helping children. These children are a smoke screen for the invasion that has begun. Al Qaeda is using these children as human shields. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed while enemy forces march right in. Our Country continues to get weaker while their forces get stronger. They use Women and Children over there. What makes Washington think they won’t do it here. Wake up Washington they are coming and their weapons are here. Have we forgotten “Fast and Furious” well they haven’t.

How in the World can hundreds of thousands, walk from border to border in Mexico, without being stopped. When we have a Marine in jail for crossing just one. Politicians Your bubble won’t save You when this War begins. I know most of You went to college. I just wish college had a class for common sense. You should all have to take a class on leadership. To lead is to protect and put others before Yourself. If  You so called leaders would take care of Our People, our People would take care of You. You go to the field with a Marine, and senior Marines eat last. They take care of their Men, and their Men take care of them. “A Marine will never ask You to do something they are not willing to do themselves”

Well Washington, I am asking You to send troops to the border. If You need this Marine I would be happy to help.

America these people are here to harm your children. They will show no mercy for anyone not even our kids. Ask any Veteran who has fought them, and they will say the same thing. If this thing starts, you can “Find Me” protecting as many as I can. Remember 9-11 there were Children on those Planes. I ask each of You to flood the phone lines in Washington D.C.  We all have a voice and We have to use them.  One day I am afraid We will have to use more than that. Warn your friends and family, if we don’t do something now, our time is running out…Semper Fi My Fellow Americans, ~Shep