Rate Climbs To Two Thousand Illegals Released Into America Per Week, Expected To Increase


For those who think the wave of illegals created by the illegal-alien-in-chief at the border is only a Texas or Arizona problem, newly released information indicates otherwise.

As Sheriff Hodgson of Bristol County, Maryland put it, “we’re all becoming Border States now.” Obama is showing himself to be an equal opportunity adversary, with no state safe from his federal aggression.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement reports that 7,173 more illegal immigrant juveniles were released into the United States from July 7 to July 31st. That is roughly a pace of two thousand per week. In the previous six months, the government had released 30,304 “open arms illegal juveniles.” That pace equals in excess of 1,100 per week.

They have virtually doubled the induction rate and there is no reason to believe it will do anything but increase, given the knowledge among the invaders that this is their chance of a lifetime to squat in America. With the weather cooling, it’s time to jump on the train.

During the three weeks covered by the report, some states, such as Hawaii, Alaska and Idaho, were only minimally impacted. Others were hit very hard. Fittingly, some of those receiving the highest influx were sanctuary states that have a population largely supportive of Obama’s socialist transformation. They deserve to be victims of their own short-sightedness.

States with the highest numbers of new illegals residing in their shadows include: California (3,909), Florida (3,809), Texas (5,280) and New York (4,244).

The full list from the Office of Refugee Resettlement appears below:

Alabama   515

Alaska      5

Arizona    203

Arkansas  209

California  3,909

Colorado  263

Connecticut  394

Delaware  141

District of Columbia  238

Florida     3,809

Georgia    1,412

Hawaii      8

Idaho       13

Illinois      377

Indiana     309

Iowa         159

Kansas      207

Kentucky   284

Louisiana   1,275

Maine  12

Maryland   2,804

Massachusetts  989

Michigan    124

Minnesota  202

Mississippi  202

Missouri    146

Montana   1

Nebraska  232

Nevada     163

New Hampshire               24

New Jersey  1877

New Mexico  28

New York   4,244

North Carolina   1,429

North Dakota     4

Ohio           405

Oklahoma    241

Oregon  73

Pennsylvania  456

Puerto Rico   1

Rhode Island  148

South Carolina   434

South Dakota  27

Tennessee  909

Texas  5,280

Utah  85

Vermont  3

Virginia  2,856

Virgin Islands  4

Washington  265

West Virginia  12

Wisconsin  60

Wyoming  7


Total        37,477

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