Putin Taunts Obama – “If I Want, I Will Take Kiev In Two Weeks” Nobody Can Stop Him


In the face of western sanctions and the threat of more, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a threat of his own, directed squarely at his diminutive counterpart who occupies the White House.

Russia President Vladimir Putin is reported to have told outgoing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he could take Kiev, Ukraine in two weeks if he wanted to.

Brietbart reports an account which appeared in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica,” in which Putin is said to have been asked by Barroso about the intentions or purpose of Russian troops staged in Ukraine. Putin warned that the West should not make him angry with threats of new sanctions. He indicated that his troops might target Kiev, given the “right” provocation.

Putin seems poised to take advantage of American weakness under Obama and the lack of will on the part of European nations to intervene militarily. They are dependent upon Russian energy and the calendar indicates that dependence will be a factor weighing upon the minds of any nation or bloc considering punitive actions against Russia.

Putin also expressed the view that the Kazakhstan declaration independence from Russia of twenty years ago is not legitimate, raising tensions and the perception that a Russian assault on their sovereignty could also be in the offing.

Responding to the possible Russian threat, Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev said in a televised message, “Kazakhstan has a right to withdraw from the Eurasian Economic Union. Adding, Kazakhstan will not be part of organizations that pose a threat to our independence.”

He continued saying, “Our independence is our dearest treasure, which our grandfathers fought for. First of all, we will never surrender it to someone, and secondly, we will do our best to protect it.”

Putin may proceed in his geographical expansion in keeping with his stated goal of repatriating former client states of the Soviet Union until there is sufficient opposition to persuade him to do otherwise. That will not be coming from the current American or European leadership in any meaningful form. Putin is demonstrating that he knows that to be true through his actions, which speak louder than Obama’s words.

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