Proof It’s No Accident, No Surprise – Conducted Last Year – Fed Govt-Funded University Studies on Border Crisis, UACs


The University of Texas, El Paso created a report recently that relates directly to the influx of illegals on the Mexican border. It was conducted in 2013 and completed prior to the current increased illegal activity, and may have been commissioned as a barometer for just how effective the schemes of DHS and the Obama regime might be expected to be.

The report starts by referencing the increased illegal immigration of the last three years, and the associated increase in Other Than Mexican (OTM) unaccompanied alien children (UAC).

The report cites a need on behalf of the enforcement agencies of the DHS to meet the requirements of the Flores v. Reno Settlement Agreement, which stipulates the placement criteria for UAC. The HHS Office for Refugee and Resettlement (ORR) is responsible for long-term placement in contracted shelters while awaiting immigration hearings.

That is not a small point that should be overlooked. The UAC are already being placed into the “custody” of a body that prejudges them to be refugees in need of resettlement.

The report quotes statistics which show a 367.6 percent increase since fiscal year 2011 in the number of UACs in the Rio Grande Valley/Harlingen Field Office.

In the fall of 2013, the research team from UTEP conducted several fact-finding trips to multiple Border Patrol and ICE facilities to gather information for their report. They conducted interviews with the agents who are involved in dealing with the UACs on a daily basis.

UTEP researchers found that both the Border Patrol and ICE officers with whom they spoke pointed to an awareness of a lack of consequences on the part of the illegal aliens as a chief contributing factor to the problem. The government respondents told the researchers that the smugglers and human cargo are aware that once the illegals are apprehended, they will be re-united with a U.S. based family pending an immigration hearing. They recognize that the process is being exploited by those wishing to use the resources of the United States to violate immigration laws.

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officials told the researchers of their belief that the numbers of illegal UACs will continue to increase until enforcement of the law is once again resumed. They anticipate, absent enforcement, the best-case scenario to be a leveling out of UAC numbers.

The agents identified the primary factor in the placement of UACs is the availability of a shelter. A shelter that is overfilled can lose its license, so they are very careful not to exceed approved levels. Of course, no such requirements exist for military bases and other locations which are being used for the staging and warehousing of the invaders at present.

Still, once an individual has physically left a shelter, their space can be used to import another illegal, so the push from DHS and the lawless Obama regime is strong to move people through the system quickly.

The UTEP report also indicates that roughly thirty percent of UACs are identified as having special needs such as pregnancy, mental illness, physical handicaps and those under age two. Special needs individuals are placed at the front of the line.

That policy is a bit hard to understand. Illegals who will assuredly be a burden on the taxpayer, those incubating anchor babies, mentally ill, or physically handicapped, as well as WIC candidates are given a priority into the country. Upon just what basis was it determined that mental illness and other potentially negative characteristics are a criterion for fast track acceptance into American society?

Only a limited amount of special needs-compliant shelters are available in the 12 which serve the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). The result of that limited space and the “shortage” created through special needs designations is greater pressure to move illegal invaders into the interior of the country and into the shadows of private facilities.

This research was done prior to the current explosion at the border, when things were still largely going on behind a curtain of DHS secrecy, guided by Obama’s secretary of open borders, DHS chief, Jeh Johnson.

There is more to the story; you can read the report for yourself at this link, or wait for my follow-up tomorrow.

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