Presidential Palace in Mexico Set on Fire by Protesters


The Mexican government said Friday that it looked as though the 43 students missing since September had been killed, then incinerated by the gangsters working with police. It did not, however confirm the deaths for lack of definitive evidence, even though a video from the Mexican Attorney General’s office shows three Guerreros Unidos gang members confessing that police had sent the students to them. They then killed the students, burning the remains in a dump. Jose Luis Abarca, mayor of Iguala where the students were last seen, and his wife have been arrested amid allegations of alignment with the gang.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was on his way to China when this latest news broke. Although protests have been going on for months regarding the massacre, protesters were even more enraged to find out the president was traveling to China (see here for full story), saying that it seemed he cared more for Mexico’s business interests than trying to deal with gang violence that has oppressed the country for years.

The usually peaceful protesters turned violent and destructive, tearing down fences and setting fire to the door of the Presidential Palace with Molotov cocktails. Riot police were just as hostile in return. President Nieto responded to the destruction from Alaska, where he awaited transport on his way to China, “It’s unacceptable that someone should try to use this tragedy to justify violence…You can’t demand justice while acting with violence.”