President Reagan’s Heartfelt Christmas Address, From a President Who Loved God And His Country


I have listened to this address year after year, and every time it brings tears to my eyes. I miss the days of presidents not being afraid to speak of the true meaning of Christmas. I miss the days speaking out about God’s love was more important than being politically correct. Somewhere along the line, people became so obsessed with being “inclusive”, they EXcluded the whole reason we are even here. I was very young when Reagan was president, but even at such a young age I could see just how much that man loved his country. I don’t see that anymore. Not just from Obama, but from so many Americans. We, as a nation, have lost sight, and in our blind ignorance, we grasp only for what suits us. It isn’t about caring for your neighbor anymore. It isn’t about being proud to be an American. I treasure our right to free speech, but my heart aches when I see such a critical right being abused. When I see a man who was elected to lead this nation, choose instead to bring it to its knees, my heart aches even more. Reagan knew that we were all different. He knew that we disagreed as a nation, but he brought us together with the love we hold for our country and our God. I miss that. So this Christmas, let us not be afraid to thank the Lord for our blessings. We may have a president now who hides in the shadows of politics, but let’s cherish the memory of a president who basked in the light of truth.

Merry Christmas to you and yours