Operation Choke Point Surfaces Putting A Target Right On Square


Little by little, bit by bit, details of the nefarious scheme coming from the Eric Holder Justice Department to fundamentally transform American business is becoming clear.  From the beginning, the mission of Operation Choke Point was to starve “objectionable” small businesses  of the banking and credit card services they need to survive.  In the last year, we have seen porn stars’ bank accounts closed, payday lenders deprived of their lines of credit, gun shop owners targeted.

Now, the popular Square credit card swipe device has been exposed as not serving the sales of firearms or ammunition.  The Square communications office has offered no statement on this detail.  Not even “no comment.”  It turns out that this is a new policy as of mid-2013.  The change very quietly appeared in a revised service agreement last year.  In keeping with the modus operandi of Operation Choke Point’s victims’ reactions, no explanation of why this change happened is forthcoming.  Not even “the government made us do it.”

Like the other commerce related entities changing their customer agreements and services without warning, could it be that they were threatened?  Since commerce is a matter of federal oversight, it’s more than possible.

To be honest, Square is not the only portable swipe device available.  PayPal has one that deals directly with one’s PayPal account.  There are others.  But, Square is a market leader in that it is simple, small, recognizable and can be used with a cell phone.  It would be quite easy to use in conjunction with existing merchant credit card services and agreements at gun shows and as part of a portable business.  As such, for Operation Choke Point operatives, the enterprises that Square serves had to change.

What is disappointing is the sentiments of Second Amendment reactionaries.  Rather than asking Square why the new policy in light of Operation Choke Point’s objectives, a lot of commenters claim they will be boycotting Square, which is going to put another entrepreneurial small business out of business, and playing straight into a totalitarian government’s hands.

It is worth asking the question who is the victim here?  Is it just the gun dealers and those who have businesses within the other targeted industries, or also the service providers who now must relinquish customers within huge segments of the economy?  In either case, Operation Choke Point is changing America all right.  It’s stripping us of freedoms that no Department of Justice should ever touch.

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