Occupy Ferguson? How Occupy Wall Street Hijacked Eric Garner’s Death

Occupy Wall Street Protests, New York in 2011

I’ve noticed that the police brutality protests, which were once controlled by civil rights leaders and minorities, have now become overrun by white liberal college kids. The protests this week in Berkeley sparked a sickening case of déjà vu. The Occupy Wall Street movement has hijacked emotions stirred from Eric Garner’s death to use to their advantage. The once unruly protests have a familiar organization to them now. I decided to look into this a little further, and found my theory to be correct.
Occupy is running these protests. They are not only joining the Ferguson protesters, but they are training them as well. They are forming an Army of liberal zombies, ready to act without question.

Veteran street organizer Lisa Fithian, previously dubbed “Professor Occupy,” recently trained Ferguson protesters how to “simulate chaos.”
She was one of the luminaries of the Occupy Wall Street movement and was a lead organizer in the infamous 1999 Seattle riots against the World Trade Organization that descended into violence. Fithian specializes in aggressive “direct action” tactics.
The same tactics we see every night on our television screens.

Fithian previously provided training and support for the controversial ACORN group, National People’s Action, the new version of the Students for a Democratic Society, and other radical organizations.
Besides teaching and training, Occupy minions have formed a centralized team of lawyers and law school students pitching in from around the United States. They work in shifts as people are arrested. Their job is to help the newly released individuals get legal aid for upcoming court appearances. As each protester leaves the jail, they are given a flyer with numbers to call for lawyers and legal advice. They were also offered a ride home. The network includes seasoned lawyers who routinely handle cases stemming from protests and civil disobedience, and who say they have learned from each protest.
Wylie Stecklow, a New York-based lawyer says, “Occupy Wall Street is the gift that keeps on giving,” His firm represented 200 people who were arrested during the Occupy protests in New York. Those who do not have legal expertise, still serve an important purpose in a protester’s arrest. Their job is to act as “legal observers”, and document each arrest that is made. They then serve as a witness to the events leading to charges. Volunteers are even manning a local legal aid hotline for police brutality protesters who have been arrested. Various local and national non-profit groups have formed a central defense team to handle the cases.
Social media networks have taken protesting to a whole new level. These protests are in no way spontaneous; there is a well-oiled machine hiding behind the raised hands of Michael Brown supporters. It is only a matter of time before their chants of ending racism turn to DEMANDS of ending capitalism.