Obama’s Senior DHS Advisor, Fellow Muslim Brotherhood Enabler Embraces Islamic Caliphate


019-elibiary-us-islamic-610They aren’t even hiding anymore, they don’t have to. The Islamic subversives within the Obama regime feel comfortable working towards the destruction of America in plain view, secure in their belief that nothing will happen and no one will try to stop them.

They may be right, certainly our Congress has shown no will to intervene, and the executive branch is completely owned by them, from the top down.

Muslim Brotherhood operative and fellow sympathizer with the Obama brothers, B. Hussein and Malik, Mohamed Elibiary, has once again made some controversial tweets. They are, if not supportive of then at least in recognition of what Elibiary calls the inevitable return of a Muslim caliphate.

What makes it inevitable may be in his eyes the fact that he has inside information and knows the White House occupier is working in conjunction with others around the globe to facilitate it. Most Americans might disagree with this traitorous position, and many will and are now actually working very hard to prevent it.

The question needs to be not only asked, but an answer demanded. “Why is someone with these views in the American government to begin with?” as well as “Why is the occupier of the White House, who shares similar views and is following an agenda towards America’s destruction, not under arrest and facing trial for treason, or at a minimum a multitude criminal acts?”

Elibiary tweeted his support for a re-emergent caliphate in Iraq on Friday, June 13th, at a time when B. Hussein Obama was golfing and getting imput from “advisors” on how to eventually respond. Obama’s behaving just as someone who is stalling would, allowing his “adversary” to gain entrench and gain a stronger position.

Elibiary has previously tweeted that the US is an Islamic country, which is not unlike the comments made by the White House occupier in his Ramadan celebrations and in speeches around the world.

Americans have in our history been a tolerant bunch, and we are being pushed hard even further in that direction by this regime and social and socialist pressures today.

Sheep are a tolerant bunch as well, right up to the end. We have far too many sheep in positions of power in America.

019 elibiary tweet 610

For anyone who might have doubts as to Elibiary’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, his twitter avatar should remove any question. The black, four-fingered hand on a yellow background was the symbol of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Elibiary incorporated it into his twitter avatar as a sign of support for the ousted Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Government and it’s strict Islamic Sharia leadership led by former president Mohamed Morsi.

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