[Watch] Obama Response to ISIS Beheadings a “Sense of Hope” Offensive, That’s Not Enough


The ever-naïve Hussein Obama describes how the United States will defeat the hateful terrorists of ISIS by instilling a “sense of hope.” How 60’s of him; let’s drop a few love bombs or fire off a few left over “Obama change” missiles while we’re at it. No dice, Obama. That worn out message won’t play so well in the face of terrorists who manufacture their own change and see no value in hope.

Is it possible for anyone to be any more unqualified and clueless than this guy? No, probably not. The blame goes beyond the buffoon with his feet propped up on the desk in the Oval Office. Every American who was sufficiently ignorant to have voted for this clown once should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of judgment and discernment.

The fact that enough Americans were blindly ignorant or self-serving that we’ve been his and their victims twice is mind-boggling. There was more at stake than just being able to say that you voted for the first black president. Those who did can also state that they voted for the worst president. They also voted for a mystery man, one that was then and still is a complete unknown. Add to that the fact that he had no experience for one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and his ascension is a testament to the idiocy of the American public and the low regard they place upon their responsibility to be informed voters.

In the video, Martha McCallum claims to see a change of direction in the regime. Defense Secretary Hagel seems to have finally caught on to what the rest of the world knows. Hagel now says that ISIS is a huge threat and that we must prepare for everything.

Ben Rhodes talks of how fearsome ISIS is as does Hagel. Our “leadership” is behaving like the Three Little Pigs with the Big Bad Wolf at the door. They need to quit hiding under the bed. ISIS is only attacking America and having success because they understand that we don’t respond. America, with the most fearsome military on the planet, is being bullied by 20,000 thugs in man-dresses and scarves.

Program guests Chris Stirewalt and Oliver North see no change in the White House position; they do however see an uptick in the motivation and a new sense of urgency on the part of those within the Department of Defense.

North recommends the U.S. should first order a carrier strike group into the Mediterranean along with a Marine Expeditionary Brigade to back them up. They should secondly attack all ISIS safe havens, command and control, training, as well as logistics sites. He says we need to take out their leadership and directly arm the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. Instead, we drop an occasional bomb here and there.

Clearly the response we are seeing or the lack of one from the White House is the result of the United States having a clueless, disinterested coward at the helm. Obama is great at reading someone else’s words but the wrong words that are words only, with nothing backing them up are of no value. Philosophical pronouncements might look good in a classroom, but they look foolish and weak coming from his podium.

Our enemies would never be as bold as they are if they feared the United States. They recognize our weakness resides in the White House. They know Obama is all talk and their actions prove it.

Obama belongs on a golf course, that’s where he should be. The American people need to relocate him there permanently. Our condition worsens with every day he remains in office.  John Boehner, who is only slightly less inept that Obama, needs to understand. It’s time for him to get busy.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us