Obama Green Energy Costs Get Pounded In New Poll; US Can’t Afford Them

CarbonWe Americans like our energy cheap and plentiful.  According to a new poll published by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future, which includes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a majority of Americans are not willing to pay extra to ensure our power supply reduces carbon emissions.

The flagship chart that demonstrates the sentiments of a cross section of American voters when it comes to what we are willing to pay for “greener” and “cleaner” energy:

PowerPoint Presentation

Other findings when it comes to Americans and energy costs:

  • 49% think proposed carbon regulations will result in higher energy costs
  • 49% think that new regulations will increase costs across the board
  • 54% do not think the United States can afford those higher energy costs and job losses that will come with them
  • 70% oppose carbon regulations if they increase energy costs but don’t make a difference globally
  • 71% support an honest “across the board” approach to energy production including coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear and renewable energy options

The Obama Administration gives lip service to the last item, but so far has not really put it into practice.  The EPA at this time is moving full tilt to put into practice policies to reduce carbon emissions that have already impacted coal miners across the American coal industry, taking many from being productive bread-winners to living on food stamps to get by.   The restructuring is already proving to be costly.  With Europe abandoning green energy initiatives and the developing world not following any sort of low carbon emission regulations, spending a fortune that we do not have to reduce carbon emissions by 1.5% is downright foolhardy.  A majority of the American people understand that.  How is it that there are some of us who do not?

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