Now The Word-Parsing Dems Say Obama Fundraisers Aren’t Really Fundraisers


Obama’s quick fundraising blitz through New York, the show which must go on in spite of the callous timing as it related to the Malaysian Airliner incident, is now being claimed to have not been a fundraiser at all by the Democrat group hosting one of the events.

The House Majority PAC claims that it was merely a meeting between Obama and donors. They make the argument that technically, because there was no admission fee charged or tickets, it can’t be described as a fundraiser.

A representative of House Majority Pac said, “The president is appearing at the event only as a featured speaker and special guest, and is not asking for funds or donations.” He continued, saying, “We have invited a select group of [House Majority PAC] supporters to attend.”

While there may have not been a requirement to pay an entry fee, the purpose of the event is to encourage donations. That, to most of us with a working knowledge of the English language and the ability to use a dictionary, qualifies as fundraising.

Once again, Democrats display their firm belief that the American people will accept whatever they say as the truth, regardless of how ridiculous and outlandish it is.

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