Nothing is Illegal Anymore? Thank you, Nancy!


At a weekly press briefing last Wednesday, October 1, Nancy Pelosi had the last word after a reporter asked her a question regarding “illegal aliens” in the United States.

A reporter from CNSNews asked Pelosi,”If president Obama does what he has promised to do, and takes executive actions to legalize some illegal aliens in the United States–”

Here the reporter was cut off by Pelosi: “Are you referring to undocumented people who are in the United States?”

The reporter replied with, “Illegal aliens, yes ma’am.”

Pelosi again corrected with, “Undocumented people, okay.”

Well, Nancy, if someone is doing something against the law, doesn’t that make it…illegal?

I know we citizens are not as intelligent as all of those Supreme Beings in Washington, but if there are people living in this country, making wages, using resources, without documents acknowledging their citizenship, they can’t be paying taxes which is…illegal.

Continuing with this train of “logic,” people who carry guns without a permit are not doing so illegally, they are just “undocumented carriers.” People driving a car without a license are not driving illegally, they are just “undocumented drivers.” A homeless person living in a vacant house is not living there illegally, he is just an “undocumented resident.” People selling prescription drugs on the street corner are not selling illegally, they are just “undocumented doctors.” Where will this end?

No one is saying these people can’t live here. By all means,come! Just do so LEGALLY, you know, the way the LAW says to do it. Since these people are “undocumented,” they can’t be paying taxes, and that, my friend, is illegal! They are purposely avoiding obeying the law to become a “documented” citizen in this country. What does it mean when you do things outside of the law? It’s…you might want to sit down for this…ILLEGAL.

They are literally sneaking into this country, going around checkpoints, finding ways to get in so that no one will see them. Were this Ms. Pelosi’s HOUSE they were sneaking into, I’ll bet she would say they were entering “illegally,’ and probably even prosecute them.

This country has laws and these people are not obeying those laws, PURPOSELY disobeying those laws, I might add, making them…lawbreakers…why is this so hard for politicians to understand? Might it have something to do with the “undocumented person” in the White House?

Funny thing is, these politicians that have such a problem with calling illegal immigrants what they are, they have no problem whatsoever calling Christians, Tea Party members, Republicans…basically anyone that won’t blindly support them, names. Yet when it comes to people who INTENTIONALLY break our laws? Oh no, let’s not hurt their feelings!

Once again, I say, WAKE UP AMERICA. Pay attention to the people you are voting into office! Do your research before you vote this coming November!