Note To Republican Leadership: Repeal ObamaCare In Its Entirety – Please


Now that the dust is settling after Tuesday’s tidal wave election, and the messages of what incoming Republican leadership’s agenda is when it comes to job creation and getting many Americans back to work is coming into focus, the one law that a cross section of Americans would like to see repealed in its entirety is the Affordable Care Act, the not so affectionately nicknamed “ObamaCare” that was far more than just a takeover of the American healthcare system.  In the face of this, the hesitation on the part of the chiefs of the Republican Party to plainly state the vote for repeal of ObamaCare is in the plan is alarming.

Many Americans discovered the hard way that “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” was a bold faced lie, but what was also discovered AFTER the bill was passed was the rest of what was in it that had far more impact on people’s lives than just a change in who provided health insurance.  (Nancy Pelosi, you sly, sneaky witch.)

  • The full time work week was defined down from 40 hours to 30.
  • A medical device tax was levied on all medical equipment, increasing expenses and chilling innovations that keep people alive and comfortable.
  • The fine to employers who do not provide health insurance to their employees is cheaper than providing the insurance.   Any business person with an eye on the bottom line is going to go the less expensive route.

ObamaCare is chock full of this sort of crap.  In addition, with the increase in paperwork and coding to be done at the doctor’s office level and the low reimbursements from ObamaCare insurance plans, physicians are dropping out of the plans themselves and the medical profession at alarming rates that make any discussion of “affordability” a pale concern behind service provider availability.  Actually being able to find a doctor is going to be a lot harder.

While the specific line items targeted for repeal are the low hanging fruit to which many Democrats agree need to go, why not shoot for the whole enchilada and be bold about it?  After all, many of their constituents don’t like the law any more than conservatives do.  Every poll published asking Americans if they approve of ObamaCare pans it.  All of the newly elected Republican senators campaigned on the law’s repeal.  It’s obvious that the people want it to just go away.

In a subscription only op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, House Speaker John Boehner and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell renewed their “commitment” to repealing ObamaCare.  They were more specific about repealing the pieces that will be easy to pass.  Well, sirs, with all due respect from the people who put you back in your jobs, we the people want ObamaCare to go away.  All of it, not just the easy parts.  Yes, if an immediate repeal is blocked, by all means go for the line items, but an overall goal should be an outright repeal of the law.

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