Nine Chinese Illegals Intercepted Crossing Into U.S. With News Cameras Rolling From Wide Open Border


It’s time for the media, particularly those “in studio” types, to be more accurate in their reporting of the situation on the border. They give the impression, through their casual use of the words children and unaccompanied minor, that all of these illegal aliens are toddlers roaming about on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The truth is that while some are indeed children, a large percentage, a majority, are accompanied children, adults and teens.

The reports that they are all Central American fleeing violence are also incorrect. They are economic illegal aliens, from around the globe, some from as far away as China. The children label is a smoke screen that hides what is really going on. The smugglers and the Democrats like it that way.

Reporter Ted Olberg was doing a live report from the McAllen, TX area of the Rio Grande, accompanying Border Patrol agents as they scoured the banks looking for illegals. Not all of them are anxiously seeking out Border Patrol agents to turn themselves in to. Many are hiding, waiting for the authorities to clear out of sight before they made their break to cross into the U.S. and escape into the dense underbrush.

As Olberg was working with the Border Agents, one group of nine men emerged from a thicket onto the road the agents were on, about 500 feet from them and were immediately apprehended. Through a translator on a cell phone, they were identified as Chinese nationals. They were from various parts of their country and had first flown to France as a staging area. They were then transported to Mexico where they paid smugglers between thirty and forty thousand dollars each to be smuggled into the U.S.

They had with them a checklist of the proper responses to Border Patrol questions to give them the best chance of being able to remain in America.

Alma Gonzales, a worker at a local Catholic shelter said that “Many are surprised when they find out how many people from different countries use this border to cross and ask for asylum.”

The majority of people that they serve are from Central America, but in the last year they have also assisted 38 Ethiopians, 14 Somalis, 3 Sudanese, and 3 Nepalese, as well as citizens of Belize, Brazil, Bangladesh, Cuba, Albania and Spain.

Somalia is a state sponsor of terrorism and pirating, however it is likely that those with terror ties have made better, more thorough travel arrangements than just showing up at the Catholic mission.

We can be fairly certain that not only are they among us, but they continue to come, as these hapless Chinese did, assisted by Mexican smugglers, the Mexican government and the complicit open border socialist Democrats making it all possible.

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