New Poll Tells Of Which Party’s Base Is More Likely To Stay Home November 4

2014 Midterms

For weeks now there have been rumblings around the political blogosphere and from the dinosaur media that voter interest in the 2014 midterms is not high and it seems to be translating into low voter turnout predictions.

A Gallup poll last week found that voters are less engaged in this year’s midterms than they were in 2010 and 2006. Only 33 percent of respondents said they were giving at least “some” thought to the upcoming midterms, compared to 46 percent in 2010 and 42 percent in 2006. Even more troubling for Democrats, Republicans held a 12-point advantage  when those paying “some” attention were broken down by party.

With less than a third of the electorate even interested in the midterms, the Republicans have a HUGE advantage if this latest poll is to be believed.  In a year with little attention being paid, Republicans are more engaged than the opposition.  Why this is the case could be broken down into any number of factors, but the Democratic machine is going to have a tough time getting its base to the polls this time through.  Their biggest fear?  A repeat of 2010 or worse:

If the numbers hold, it could mean a rout for Democrats similar to the 2010 “shellacking” — President Obama’s description — that swept away their House majority.

“We cannot have 2010 turnout. If we have 2010 turnout among our key constituencies, we’re going to have 2010 all over again. It’s math,” said Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, who served as a pollster for President Obama’s election campaigns.

Which of course would mean a wave election for Republicans.  If they show up, which many hard line conservatives have vowed not to do if candidates who are not sufficiently hard line enough are not on the ballots.

Too late for that now.  The races are set.  Ronald Reagan said that to be successful in the political realm, Republicans should vote for the most conservative candidate that could get elected.  In order to have a successful wave of any Republican stripe, conservatives have to show up on November 4.  It is time to start undoing the damage done by the Obama Regime.

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