New Obama Tactic – Automatic Asylum for Guatemalan Women Who Claim Domestic Abuse


It’s almost to the point where any excuse from any border-crasher is sufficient to warrant faux asylum in the United States. Now the socialist-in-chief is creating a new avenue for illegals to game what’s left of our immigration system, with DHS, Eric Holder and Hussein Obama’s support and blessing.

Under a decision by the DOJ’s board of immigration appeals, a Guatemalan woman need only claim to be the victim of domestic violence and she will be awarded asylum in the United States.

But the unbelievable news doesn’t stop there. For border-crashers there is another, even sweeter reward for their adventure to the land of free everything and lawless government. Their children are granted American citizenship as well as inclusion in federal health, education and retirement programs.

Domestic violence is about to eclipse the supposed gang murders, the original excuse, as the number one crime in Guatemala. Those who already said that they were fleeing gang violence will surely be allowed to amend their paperwork to add, “and my husband beat me.”

Of course, in the interest of family unity, they will then most likely be allowed to reconcile, and the husband, or the undocumented equivalent of a different guy, will be allowed to join them in the near future. As a nation of fools, there is no limit to our “collective compassion.”

Ben Winograd, an attorney who represents border-crashers said, “Under this breaking decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals, many [migrant] women [detained at the detention center] Artesia may be eligible for asylum.” There’s no “may” to it, they “will” be eligible, and the Obama regime has made that certain. They will also surely expand that interpretation to other nationalities. A regional epidemic of wife beating is about to break out all across Central and South America. It’s a potential pandemic.

Winograd added, “This (long overdue) BIA decision should make many [foreign] victims of domestic violence eligible for asylum.”

Fundamental change involves erasing the southern border, importing and supporting all of the citizens of Mexico and Central America. Where is the sellout mute, “Speaker” of the House, John Boehner? He needs to step up and do his job or get out of the way. The time for party diplomacy is well past.

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