New Gaming Technology Takes Blood From Your Body When You Are Shot In The Game [VIDEO]



Two digital creative experts in Canada have invented a new type of gaming technology that takes blood from you when your character loses blood in the game you are playing. They are calling it “Blood Sport”. The creators, Brand and Grotesque, describe themselves as “two regular dudes”, with the goal of developing a refined multi-player unit that can be taken across the country for blood donation gaming events. Don’t worry folks, this idea has nothing to do with masochism, it’s all for charity. Hospitals all over the world are always in need of blood donations, why not make the process a little more exciting? The way it works is relatively simple. If you are a gamer, you are familiar with a game controller’s “rumble effect”. That is when the video game controller vibrates slightly, to signal that you have been injured in the game. That rumbling is actually an electronic signal sent to the controller. This invention re-routes that same electrical signal and uses it to turn on a blood collection system. From the website:

“Using just two wires, we’re able to connect your controller to the blood collection machine via an Arduino Board.

The Arduino Board has two jobs: One, to keep the signal going to the blood collection system and, two, to keep track of how much blood is being pulled so that Blood Sport powers down before you do. We’ve done this by allowing you to input your age, weight and any preexisting medical conditions.”

Their website also states that they have run carefully monitored tests with medical professionals. They claim to have created a unit that makes blood donation easy, fun and nearly painless. A single player unit is already built, and they are working on the multi-player system.

The question “what will they think of next?” definitely comes to mind on this one, but hey, as long as it is for a good cause right?