New Black Panther Party Leader Sympathizes with U.S. Jihadist Attack


As if we don’t have enough to worry about with homegrown terrorist attacks like the beheading in Oklahoma and the recent ax attack on New York police officers, we now have large, dangerous groups sympathizing with and supporting lone wolf terrorist attacks right here in the U.S.

Frank Sha Francois, head of the Queens chapter of the New Black Panther Party said Zale Thompson, the terrorist who attacked New York officers with an ax, was “a crusader seeking justice.” He added that “it probably won’t be the last attack on police because you have a lot of frustrated people out there.” Francois says he was friends with Thompson, first meeting the terrorist when Thompson came to meetings and discussed “police brutality” with him.

Thompson started out as just a sympathizer who hated cops and white people as well, his family and friends said. (Click here for full story.)

“I don’t condone violence, but something needs to be done. We need to have some type of deterrant and real oversight to deter the police from violating the laws and to know they are not above the laws. I tell people that to go up against law enforcement in this country is suicide. Our main way to deal with it is to rally and boycotting,”

Francois said.

Hopefully, members will heed those words and no violence will occur from this New Party, however, it doesn’t portend well when a group that is already extremist sympathizes with jihadists and terrorists.