Muslim Man Cuts Down 60 Year Old Crucifix, Claims It Was An “Eyesore”


A sixty-year-old seven-foot crucifix was cut down with an angle-grinder by a Muslim neighbor who said it was an “eyesore”.
For sixty years, this cross stood over the small Austrian town of Grossenzersdorf without complaint. It was erected after the second World War and was a popular reference point for church processions and spiritual journeys.
The man who complained about the cross was described by local media as ‘Egyptian.’ From the moment, he moved in he made his disdain for the cross known. He contacted neighbors and even his local government. reports that he was constantly expressing his concern with his neighbors, saying things like, “I don’t want that. It has to go!” He wanted the cross gone, and he wasn’t going to stop until he had his way.
The local mayor, Hubert Tomsic, did his best to try and appease the disgruntled neighbor. He said, “I had a conversation with the man about repositioning the cross at a different location in the alley – at his expense”.
That wasn’t going to be good enough though. The man soon began renovations at his new property, and as part of that, he acquired an angle-grinder. That would be the weapon of choice used to cut the historic cross down. Besides the damage to the base, the cross also suffered damage to the knees of Christ when it fell.
The mayor has called the act of vandalism “radical”, “offensive”, and “inflammatory”. The local branch of the ruling Christian Conservative party has reported the act to police and made an official complaint.
Muslim faith leaders also spoke out against the reprehensible act as well. They said the act had caused “consternation”. They said they believed Muslims should respect the symbols of other religions.