MSNBC Hosts: Islam Is “Ancient, Honorable, Venerable,” Christianity Promoting Terrorism. The Five Object

The Five

In one of the more Twilight Zone sort of moments on MSNBC,  Michael Eric Dyson and James Peterson of “The Ed Show” discussed Islam and Christianity in terms of promotion of what we in the west would call “uncivilized” tendencies, and the pair defended ISLAM over Christianity when it comes to terrorism:

“This is a religion [Islam] that’s ancient. That’s honorable… Why is it that we get confused between the two?” host Michael Eric Dyson asked. “We don’t do it with Christianity, because there’s a lot of terrorism going on and being promoted in the identity movement and white supremacist groups within Christianity itself.”

“If you’re talking about oppressing women, if you’re talking about being homophobic, we can look right at home. We don’t have to look across the seas in order to see that,” James Peterson said.

Can you say Alinsky-ism?

Are we Christians the ones forcing women to dress in black from head to toe (well, unless they are nuns, but that’s voluntary), cutting off the pleasure parts of women’s sex organs, stoning women to death for adultery while the women in question are virgins, not allowing women out of the house unless there is a male member of the family present, marrying off girls too young to have reached puberty to men old enough to be their grandfathers, or refusing education and property rights to women?  Those are true repressive actions, and none of that is done by American Christians, or any other sort of Christian, with any sort of acceptance from the larger group.  In fact, all of these actions are condemned by Christians everywhere.

Are we Christians blowing ourselves up in the name of eliminating the infidel from the face of the earth?

Are we demanding the removal of a state from the planet simply because they are now in charge of our holy sites?

Christianity preaches forgiveness for sin, knowing the facts before conviction, cherishing wives and daughters, and respecting the work and words of women.  Tolerance to opposing opinions is part of the tradition, as is respect for people who belong to other faiths.

Comparing the two in the way Dyson and Peterson did is, as Bob Beckel the resident liberal on Fox’s The Five said, irresponsible.

He called the statements, “Illiberal” and a “disservice to the progressive movement.”  “This is like speaking about the world as actually not flat. It’s sad, is all I can say,” Beckel stated.

In addition to Beckel’s remarks, other members of The Five had some choice words for their colleagues at MSNBC:

Dana Perino:  “I think that it’s a real disservice to feminists and women’s movement that has done a lot for me, for lots of women in our generation … it does the feminist movement no good to have these two equating the lifestyles of the United States to people around the world.”


Kimberly Guilfoyle: “They’re totally neglecting to talk about all the great work that Christians have done throughout the world, whether it is helping people that are misfortunate, helping the poor, helping women, and [it’s] a religion of tolerance.”

Full videos of both exchanges are available on the NewsBusters site.

The sort of oppression described above, though, is a part of Shariah law as strictly practiced.  And as several prelates have pointed out in the last week, whether or not Islamists actually practice such oppression, by Sharia law as laid out in the Qu’ran, they are not allowed to criticize those who do.  We Christians, on the other hand, constantly fight about what constitutes proper practice of Christianity, an unfortunate circumstance that has led to the thousands of different brands available to choose from.

There is nothing honorable or venerable about female mutilation and treating other humans as if they were less than human.  That is true oppression.  That is what Islam does.  And that is what members of The Five objected to in the exchange between Michael Eric Dyson and James Peterson.

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