Most Severely Wounded Airman In US history Told To Repay Thousands Of Dollars To VA

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage JR., The most severely wounded Airman in US history, a man who lost three limbs, was recently contacted by the Veterans Administration Debt Management Center stating the he would be back charged $4,825 for over payment. Now, if being a triple amputee for Uncle Sam wasn’t bad enough, now debt collectors are being sent after a decorated combat veteran.


Brian sustained his life changing injuries on Sept. 11 2004 when a 107 mm rocket exploded 3 feet from Airman Kolfage while on his second deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Brian survived and carried on after he spent the 11 months at Walter Reed Medical Center he returned to the Air Force at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona. He is no longer active duty and receives monthly VA benefits.

Senior Airman Kolfage received notification on Sept. 12 2013 that file was being pulled and investigated by the VA for over payment by the VA. After an investigation, Brian found that the VA had over paid him for several years. Airman Kolfage must now repay the debt of $4,825 in monthly payments of $105 from his benefits until his debt is paid off. The VA claims the records state since he was not married at the time, he was not entitled to the full amount of benefits he had been receiving. Since Brian is married now, he provided legal documents to the VA , from there Brian was told an error has been made and the problem would be rectified and no debt would exist.

On Oct. 29th 2013, Kolfage received a letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs, Debt Management Center, and Operations Division Chief stating that his indebtedness balance of $4,825 has been reduced by $105 through the reduction of his monthly benefits. After several attempts in contacting the VA, Airman Kolfage has yet to hear back from anyone.

Three limbs, an arm and both his legs apparently aren’t enough to give, they want blood… money. The less than 5 grand is petty money to be harassing a wounded combat veteran. The government seems to forget he was wounded because of their political agenda, if the government doesn’t want to pay for veterans, MAYBE THEY SHOULDN’T CREATE THEM. Maybe they want their money because Brian Kolfage is the most outspoken, highly decorated and most severely wounded Airman in US history? No need to make his life any harder by this ordeal by running his pockets.