More Disgusting Student Critiques Of Michelle Obama’s Ideal School Lunches

School lunches

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Just when we think we have heard it all from students all over the country on how the new-styled, “healthy” federal school lunch program is definitely not meeting the needs of the nation’s younguns, more details emerge from their parents and the kiddos themselves about what is landing on their lunch trays per Education Action Group’s Kyle Olson.

From Burley, Idaho:  “It was not edible. It was a greasy little hot pocket,” parent Steve Wells says.


From Austintown, Ohio: “Kids can’t take two ketchup packets [for burgers] because that would set them over on calories” for that condiment, Natalie Winkle, district food-service secretary and assistant tells The Vindicator.


From Baton Rouge, Louisiana: “And as the years progressed, I seemed to be sending lunch more often for both Daniela and Alex,” Martinez says, according to  “One time she came home and told me about the chicken jiggling like Jell-O.”


It was eye-opening for Martinez, but she says she really started to wonder about the food when Alex came home and exclaimed, “Mommy, they managed to mess up the pizza. The pizza!” …

To meet the new mandates, the school district removed hot dogs, chili and macaroni and cheese from its menu, opting for more beans and burritos. It also changed its buns from white to whole wheat.

How can anyone mess up pizza?

From Indiana:  “The chicken, sandwiches and burgers and even the pizza crust” didn’t taste right, Huntington County, Indiana student Matthew Karst tells the Journal-Gazette.  “For example, they had biscuits and gravy for lunch. I look at the biscuits, and it’s a whole grain. I took one bite of the chicken patty and it was so disgusting, I couldn’t finish it.”

From Flagler County, Florida: At Matanzas High School, the News-Journal reports the students can, “Forget mystery meat. Students are discovering mystery vegetables in their lunch line now, and they can’t check out without loading up on them because of increasingly strict federal rules that tell cafeteria workers what they must serve — and what’s forbidden.”

Mystery vegetables?

Now that the kiddos have spoken and have described greasy hot pockets, mystery vegetables, chicken that moves like Jell-O, whole wheat biscuits and gravy, and childhood staples like mac and cheese eliminated all in the name of less fat and counting calories which is not good for kids anyway, maybe it’s time for the school districts to band together and refuse to buy food from Mrs. Obama’s friends.

In the meantime, this could be a good teaching moment for the young people of America: this is what happens when you vote Democrat.

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