Million Mask March Makes It’s Mark Upon America


November 5th is observed as Guy Fawkes Day in England by protestors against big government wearing masks inspired by the movie V FOR VENDETTA. At about 1 p.m. on Wednesday in Hollywood, California, a group of about 75 peaceful masked protestors walked the streets. Local police stood by to keep the peace and for crowd control, though they found they were not needed. No arrests were made and no violence took place. Protests also took place in Dallas, Kansas, and Washington DC.

According to the movement’s website, the reason for the marches is to “shed light on corrupt government” including rejection of global surveillance by the NSA. Over 400 cities worldwide saw masked protestors march through the streets. Most were peaceful, though a few arrests were made in Washington DC as police and protestors clashed, tearing some fences away.

This marks the third annual march against large government by the group Anonymous, which supports the rights of the individual against a large and controlling tyrannical government. A member of the movement from London told RT: “The Internet has the power to bring down regimes. That is what terrifies them. That is why they now monitor our phone calls, they monitor our emails, and they monitor our free speech. It terrifies them. They have no particular jurisdiction over the Internet. It belongs to everyone.”