Michelle Obama’s Fashion Workshop, Who Says Dreams Can’t Come True

Fashion faus pax 7

Did she even look in a mirror?

Some people have the most insipid aspirations.  One of Michelle Obama’s seems to be thanking all the little people who supported her in the…FASHION INDUSTRY????

But I want to thank everyone here for making this dream — this was really a dream of mine in so many ways, to have this industry and all those who have supported me, who do so much for people to make us feel beautiful and ready to get out there.

Or make you look like an idiot.  Sometimes it’s a close call.  And I hate to be the one to tell her this, but fashion designers have a vested interest in dressing famous people for the spotlight.  They want to show off their creations no matter how ridiculous they are.

Let me tell you, fashion plays an important role in my confidence.  My ability to do my job is really linked to how I feel about what I’m wearing.

To echo WeaselZippers, Michelle has a job?  Other than meddling with the national school lunch program?

Seriously, though, based on what she is wearing how does she feel about herself?

Fashion faux pas 1   Nope, sorry sweetie, capris are always questionable.

Fashion faux pas 2   Kinda casual there for the First Lady, Mooch.

Fashion faux pax 3  Oh my.  Battlestar Galactica is just not a good look for you.

Fashion faux pas 4  If you’re going for Marie Antoinette, you need a powdered wig.

Fashion faus pax 5  Yeah, some prints just don’t go together.

Fashion faus pax 6 That magic moment seared on American brains forever.

So, there we have it.  If the clothes make the woman, it’s been Michelle Obama’s dream to thank the people who dressed her in those outfits.  Food for thought.

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