Mexico Interdicting Central American Illegals – Less Competition For Jobs Formerly Held By Americans


What is being described as Mexico’s largest crackdown in decades on illegal immigration within their own country is having exactly the effect one would expect it to have. The flow of Central Americans through Mexico has been dramatically reduced.

A surge of Mexican federal police and their immigration agents into southern Mexico is the focal point of the operation, with particular attention being paid to the “La Bestia” train that has been a long-favored means of illegal alien transport.

Additionally, moving roadblocks for the purpose of document verification have been set up targeting buses known to carry illegals through Mexico.

Why would Mexico take such a sudden interest stopping in the movement of illegals through their own country when just a few short weeks ago they were conspiring with Central American nations? They had established a temporary safe status for a period of 72 hours for those seeking to crash America’s border. Do they suddenly value America’s sovereignty or is there a more selfish reason behind it?

Hussein Obama has been putting on the hard-sell that he’s going to grant amnesty to millions of illegals at virtually any moment and it is extremely unpopular with a vast majority of American citizens. His flood of Central Americans into the United States has focused attention on the issue of illegal immigration in a negative way. While he may have garnered a temporary victory by forcing the people to begrudgingly accept his illegals, it looks to be a significant political liability in the upcoming elections.

Obama had hoped to extort almost $4 billion in induction funds from the House but that attempt failed with a border enforcement bill being delivered rather than the surrender he had hoped for. With Obama and his anti-American policies becoming increasingly unpopular, he may be choosing his battles, and enlisting the assistance of his Mexican allies in the effort.

Obama can’t publicly change his policies as that would be an admission that he created the crisis to begin with and could have done something about it all along. What he can do is call upon his good friend El Presidente Nieto to catch the humans Obama has been trafficking in and send them back home where they belong. That keeps Obama in his comfort zone, on the sidelines pointing his finger at someone else.

He doesn’t need those Central Americans anymore. He’s got a better idea and the American people won’t know what hit them. Instead of documenting the illegals as he’s doing now with the Border Patrol, he’ll go back to importing Mexicans and hide them in the California shadows. Nobody will have any idea how many are coming in until it’s way too late.

In the course of his recent visit to California, Mexican president Nieto received public assurances from Governor Brown that if the Mexicans can simply get past America’s poorly defended open border, they are welcome to stay in California. In essence, Brown granted his own illegal visas to squat anywhere within the United States.

With a guarantee like that, why would the Mexicans want to compete with others for the scarce American jobs. President Nieto knows that those American jobs “rightfully” belong to his Mexicans.

Since Brown declared California a sanctuary state, Obama no longer needs the Border Patrol to provide pseudo-legal documents to the illegals. Mexican cartels control the border and they’ll be transporting Mexicans, as well as OTM terrorists when they can. It’s much cleaner that way. After a day trip north, the Mexicans can find a place to live and an American’s job and begin sending those remittances back to Mexico. Nieto couldn’t have been too pleased that his second largest industry, the remittances of his exported people, was being infringed upon, with “his money” going elsewhere. He’s taking care of that problem now.

Obama could have taken action similar to this long ago but didn’t because it served his needs to have the illegals flooding in. The interdiction under way would surely not be occurring without the Obama blessing so one has to assume that he has devised an alternative plan or his needs have changed.

The socialist Governor of California, Jerry Brown told the illegal Mexicans, “Welcome to California.” What he really said, was “Screw you, America.”

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit