Media Is A Tool For Distraction… To Distract You From The Truth!

imageOn July 5th, 2011 the world watched as the verdict was announced at the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Reporters from all over the globe were there as they read the verdict. The whole world fell in love with little Caylee, and were shocked at what had happened to her. We hate when anything happens to a child. It doesn’t matter if that kid lives here or Iraq. The Jerry Sandusky trial brought on its share of reporters. Penn State University was punished because of the abusive acts of one pedophile.

Why isn’t the media covering the pedophiles of Syria and Iraq? The cowards that are raping young boys, girls, and then chopping off their heads. Where is dateline when young female children are forced into marriage. These butchers dig mass graves and throw children out like garbage. If these children were linked to certain politicians every military resource would be used to track these murderers down. The media should be doing stories that draw attention to those cowards instead they spread a fabricated fear about Ebola. They should be doing stories about ISIS crossing our border. The president claims that ISIS is not Islam, which is a big pile of crap. ISIS is Islam and Islamic terrorist are answering the call for jihad.

Colleen Huffard was murdered by an Islamic terrorist in Oklahoma because she would not convert. The Obama administration has persuaded the media to report it as workplace violence. Like all other department heads Obama appoints the head of the FCC. They control a lot of what you see on the news. The presidents of ABC and CBS both have brothers who have served as top officials in the Obama administration. Who said Obama wasn’t smart. There used to be a thing In this country called freedom of the press. The paper was a way to keep informed. Now the media are used to get you to conform.

Can any television or news producer remember the first day they sold out. What about the five commissioners who head the FCC. These people have kids, and their kids are in danger just like everyone else. We have telethons when there is a crisis. Movie stars and celebrities ask for donations to help others out. Well, these kids overseas don’t need your money they need our help. They need us to protect them from the cowards that are hurting them. They need our media to expose the evil that Obama doesn’t want you to see. If the media wants better ratings they should start showing the world as it is. God bless each and everyone, and may God forever bless this world… Semper Fi, Shep

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