Marine4Truth Message To Mexico!!! All Who Love Kids Should Read?

imageMost of the people in this world have one thing in common. Most of us love children and will do anything to protect them. Pedophiles are segregated in our prison system because they wouldn’t survive in general population. Even our most hardened criminals love their kids just like everyone else. I think it would be safe to say that the drug cartels love their families just the same. You go down to Mexico and mess with their kids you won’t need a passport. Very good chance you wouldn’t be coming home.

We have ISIS crossing our border, and they have evil intentions for our children. They also have evil intentions for the people of Mexico. These radical Islamist have said anyone not willing to convert to Islam shall lose their head. They believe any non believer is less than them. They call us infidels, and they think everyone in Mexico is an infidel to. Radical Islamist are intent on ruling the world. It has been reported that ISIS soldiers are kidnapping young girls, and forcing them to be sex slaves. Some girls as young as nine are being forced into marriage. My hope is that the cartel along with everyone in Mexico reads this. We are not at war with Mexico or the cartel. This country is at war with those who wish our children harm. The very same organization that will one day return to Mexico and bring harm to theirs.

People that think it’s ok to force themselves on children, and those who can’t protect themselves. They have many names from Al Qaeda to ISIS. They are terrorist who preach hate and hide behind religion. They hate anyone considered to be a non believer. Our kids are what we must protect and ISIS wishes them harm. Regardless of the different lives we live we should look out for each other’s kids. I hope the people of Mexico decide to take care of ISIS now rather than later. Either way they should know that ISIS is a threat to their children. Hopefully the next terrorist planning on coming through Mexico might want to reconsider. The Mexican people are wonderful people just like most people in the world. If you visit their country, and respect their people you will be fine. If they think these terrorist will return to hurt their kids they won’t make it to the Rio Grande. God bless each and everyone and may God forever bless this world, Shep #Marines4Truth image