Man Caught Stealing Active Duty Military Funds, Scammed Military In 5 Different States


There are few financial crimes that sink to the level of stealing off of our military. To defraud the people who fight for our freedom every day is beyond despicable. The city of Annapolis was forced to deal with one of these creeps when they caught 28-year-old Sterling Orlando Scott attempting to fraudulently obtain funds provided for active military members.
On December 2, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was contacted by the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS). The police department informed the CGIS of a fraud scheme being conducted by Sterling Orlando Scott, a recently discharged military member.

“CGIS agents indicated that they received information from a Chief Warrant Officer on December 2, 2014, who reported receiving a phone call from an individual that identified himself as “Sergeant Major Reese from Army Emergency Relief” on December 2nd around 1:00 p.m.

The person claiming to be “Sergeant Major Reese” indicated that he had an Army member flying to Baltimore that needed emergency travel assistance. In addition, “Sergeant Major Reese” contacted the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program at 2401 Hawkins Point Road in Curtis Bay asking for assistance for a soldier named “Orlando Scott”, whose wife was reportedly killed in a car accident. The person calling was believed to be the defendant posing as “Sergeant Major Reese”. CGIS agents had developed information that the individual posing as “Orlando Scott” was actually Sterling Orlando Scott who had committed similar schemes under that name at military installations in Galveston, Texas, Yorktown, Pennsylvania, Savannah Georgia and Elizabeth City, North Carolina.”

Scott showed up on December 4th at Hawkins point road to receive the money for his alleged “crisis”. He signed for the funds and was immediately arrested by detectives and agents conducting surveillance.

Sterling Orlando Scott was charged with Theft, Fraud and Document Use to Imply Government Association.