LIVE FROM ST. LOUIS…Nothing Yet From The Grand Jury, But Revolutionary Mentality Making Us Mad


St. Louis County Police Headquarters, Clayton, Missouri, Sunday, November 23 at about 1230.

Photo by Cultural Limits

“This is Romeo Foxtrot, shall we dance.”  Oops, wrong movie.

By now everyone and their brother knows that the announcement of whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, a 300 pound 18 year old who was full of marijuana and charging him at the time has been delayed.  Why this is the case is a matter of speculation.  There is the official story, and then the one that you hear from your friends who have connections at the courthouse.  Let’s just say, we in St. Louis are prepping for a fight we don’t want, didn’t really ask for, and would really appreciate a couple feet of snow to quell.  We’d like to get on with it, but behind the scenes stuff is happening.

So, to be clear that we are all on the same page:

  • We in the Gateway City are more sick of this than you are, trust me.  It’s our community that is being denegrated on national TV.  This is the city we love for more reasons than one can count.  Many, many people have worked very hard to bring neighborhoods back from the dead including Ferguson itself, and the imported trouble makers are targeting some of these spots for destruction.
  • Small businesses in the county seat (Clayton) are boarding up in preparation for “protests” that may result in property destruction simply because they are in proximity to the county government buildings.  Restaurants, health clubs, law firms, jewelers, banks, financial planners – none of these people had anything to do with what happened on August 9, but because their location is just right, they might lose everything.
  • “Protests” are now including a lot of ideological local college students and last night they went to South St. Louis close to the Vonderitt Myers shooting location and shut down traffic in a couple rebuilt areas, Shaw and The Grove.  The Grove has nothing to do with any of this other than being a popular place for young professionals to pretend they are Bohemian.
  • In the midst of the uptick in crime which can best be attributed to the everyday thugs taking a cue from the professionals that it’s okay to ignore common decency, laws and rights, friends of friends are dying and otherwise being victimized.  We’ve had attacks at malls that are nowhere close to ghettos, the attempted car-jacking of a state senator, thievery rings operating in middle-class neighborhoods hidden off the beaten path, and Saturday night a bouncer up in Ferguson was shot and killed by someone he refused to let into a night club.
  • Police staging is happening out of sight, but in immediate proximity to major streets and traffic arteries.  Came across one yesterday and there were police vehicles from all parts of St. Louis County present.

This is making a lot of whites fearful, and is making many blacks very angry.  This appeared on a Facebook feed yesterday, warning the language is really rough.

Nov 23 FB Black comment

An old friend expressed similar sentiments yesterday suggesting the lawless types ingest a cocktail of bleach and anti-freeze.  These are people who are victimized just as much as everyone else is.  They’ve tried to build up their own community on a bed of respect for others and love and a bunch of punks are undoing their hard work.  The destructive behavior is not across the board with the black community here.  They don’t want it any more than the rest of us do.  And when stuff like this (image below), which happened last night, goes on, they get just as mad.

Shaw gates

This is a historic landmark in the Shaw Neighborhood.  That’s limestone.  Have you ever tried to get graffiti off of limestone?

While we wait, this is the sort of thing that is happening.  It will probably continue after the grand jury decision is announced.  And no, we St. Louisans are not going to just turn off the lights and leave any more than any productive Americans are willing to abandon what they have built.  We’re stronger than that.

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