[Listen] Young Atty Hillary Clinton Proud She Got Man Who Raped 12-Yr-Old Girl “Off With Time Served”


The so-called war on women started long ago for Hillary Clinton, who is heard in this recording proudly discussing how she was able to get a man she knew to be guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl off with time served.

She can be heard laughing as well, but it was probably not nearly as humorous to the family or to the pre-teen victim. This evidence seems to contradict Clinton’s claims that she spent her early years as an advocate for women and children’s rights.

The tapes date back to the early 1980’s and are part of a five-hour plus interview which was conducted by Roy Reed, an Arkansas reporter. At the time, Bill Clinton was the Arkansas governor.

The tapes are archived at the University of Arkansas, Fayettville. They were originally intended for an article in Esquire magazine which was never published.

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