[Listen] Survival Expert James Wesley Rawles on a Grid Down Electric, Other Emergencies


What type of a world would American’s encounter if our power grid were to collapse? Where would you want to be to have the best odds of survival for yourself and your family?

James Wesley Rawles discusses what could happen in an interview on “The Watchmen.fm.”

He says much of the questions about survivability naturally will be determined by the nature of the disaster, but a situation in which the power grid is lost would be among the most catastrophic. A loss of electric capacity could lead to an estimated 90% death rate among the population of the United States.

Virtually every public health system, from water to sewage to food and medicine, is directly dependent upon a fully functioning electrical supply.

He also says that if the grid does go down, you don’t want to be in a town of any greater size than about 500 people. Anything larger than that and the sense of community would be lost, resulting in an “every man for himself” type of attitude.

The interview is from 2010, but it’s even more relevant now than when it was first broadcast.

Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses the related problem of an EMP or other attack on America’s power grid in the video below.

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