[Listen] “Obama Spits On Us – When Do We Get Our Government Back?” – Michael Savage


Michael Savage begins his remarks by comparing the tardiness of Obama to orate his latest scripted lie to that of another infamous figure in political history. That other person, Adolph Hitler, would regularly show up late to give his frenzied speeches and it was part of his methodology of working the crowd.

Savage wonders who is advising Obama, that he feels Obama is becoming increasingly insane, that his behavior is that of a madman. Savage says, “I think he is unhinged from reality. The border is overrun with diseased, third world individuals who are infecting the country, and he has the nerve to get up there and talk about a unity government in Iraq.”

Savage contrasts Obama’s hypocritical words about unity in Iraq with the reality of how he “spits on” his political opposition in America. Savage continues, saying, “Yeah we’d like a unity government, Mr. Obama, once we’d like you to listen to those of us who are fed up with your left-wing fanaticism.”

Savage says Obama is so out of touch with reality that he “fears he may be a madman.”

Savage states his strong belief that the liberals are doubling down on their plan to decimate our borders, language and culture, destroying our country forever. He asks, “Who is going to save the people from these diseased third-worlders raging across our border?”

Savage thinks this is the beginning of Vietnam all over again.

He says there seems to be madness everywhere and starts listing the numerous examples and compares America to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

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