[Listen] Newt Gingrich Says Obama’s Amnesty Would Lead to Civil War in Democrat Party


Newt Gingrich is a guest on the Laura Ingraham radio program, with a discussion on the dictatorial amnesty decree being advertised by the Democrats as due to take place in the course of the next several weeks.

Gingrich thinks that if Obama goes through with it, the result would be civil war within the Democrat Party and it would force each Congressman up for reelection to take a public position either in favor of or opposition to the lawless acts of a dictatorial president, acts that will cost jobs and harm their constituents.

He says that Republicans should turn the mid-term elections into a referendum on the amnesty decree and that in doing so, will create a situation which assures them of veto-proof control of the House and Senate.

Then they can go about the task of undoing the damage that the criminal usurper in the White House has done to our nation without the subversion of the last six years.

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